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    Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description

    Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce President

    Job Description

    President is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating the activities of the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, as directed by the Board of Directors. Position requires managing the day-to-day operations of the office/staff, membership development and sales, close communication with chamber members, business/industry, government and community members on various issues affecting the economic vitality within the greater Wisconsin Rapids area. 

    The President is the chief administrative officer of the organization. Duties are subject to the direction of the Board of Directors. The President serves as the primary staff point of contact for the officers, Board of Directors, and Elected Officials. The President manages the property, business affairs and chamber staff of the chamber. The President is responsible for initiating, implementing and evaluating all aspects of chamber activities. Primary responsibilities include:

    •     Leadership of the organization
    •     Membership 
    •     Short and long-range planning for the organization
    •     Policy recommendations to the Board
    •     Operations
    •     Mission Fulfillment- Empower, Network & Promote

    The President responsibilities include:

    1) Planning
    The Chamber President will work with the officers and directors of the Board to create:
    a) Annual business plan with long term and short-term objectives
    b) A realistic annual budget to achieve objectives

    2) Policy
    The Chamber President will develop, monitor and evaluate:
    a) Organizational structure to accomplish the objectives.
    b) Appropriate financial, legal and operational policies and procedures to support effectiveness
    c) Provide guidance and direction to key stakeholders including the Board of Directors, key volunteers and staff regarding the organization’s purpose, goals, and policy positions.

    3) Financial Management
    The Chamber President will:
    a) Supervise the preparation and maintenance of all records, reports and legal documents for the HoW.
    b) Present an annual budget recommendation that adequately funds the organization needs.
    c) Supervise all investments and expenditures against the approved budget.
    d) Present a monthly financial statement to the Board for approval.
    e) Develop sources of non-dues revenue for the organization.
    f) Present a Year End Report on the organization’s finances and activities. 

    g) Provide leadership for management of the Revolving Loan Fund and coordination of RLF committee


    4) Board Development
    The Chamber President will:
    a) Provide orientation support and guidance to the Board on HoW issues.
    b) Assist the Board in identifying potential opportunities.
    c) Assist the Board in developing an annual business plan and objectives
    d) Provide the Board of Directors with sufficient information to inform them of the financial, operational status of the organization.


    5) Network
    The Chamber President will:
    a) Develop, monitor and evaluate systems to support membership retention and growth.

    b) Provide leadership for and engage in revenue generating events that actively engage the membership in strengthening their network of business connections

    c) Identify and recruit volunteers to assist in shaping organizational directions through the Board, Committees and Task Forces.

    d)  Assist in the development of methods to support and recognizing volunteers. 

    e) Provide support for industry lead strategic alliances


    6) Empowerment

    a) Provide leadership for creating platforms for businesses to heard

    b) Engage government and business in working together

    c) Provide leadership to create best practice educational workshops

    d) Provide information for businesses to make informed decisions


    7) Promote
    The Chamber President will:
    a) Actively promote the Chamber to the community

    b) Actively promote the greater Wisconsin Rapids area as a desirable place to live, work, visit and do business.

    c) Actively promote the value of Heart of Wisconsin Membership

    d) Actively promote member businesses

    e) Actively engage in strategic business attraction

    f) Engage in the creation and promotion of a strong Buy Local initiative

    g) Maintain a positive relationship with other organizations in the greater Wisconsin Rapids area including regional and statewide partners.

    h) Build positive image through media communication
    i) Establish and maintain a satisfactory working relationship with community leaders, public and elected officials, private and public agencies.
    j) Be actively engaged through service clubs, attending events, and participating in a professional manner in or as part of the community.


    8) Special Projects
    The Chamber President will:
    a) Coordinate all additional assignments as directed by the Board of Directors.
    b) Assist and provide support and leadership to other chamber staff as needed.



    Please send your cover letter and resume by Wednesday, November 7, 2018 to:


    Nan Taylor, Director of Business Development

    Aspirus Riverview Hospital and Clinics

    410 Dewey Street

    Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494


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