• Business Wellness Incentives

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    December 31, 2019
    Northward Peddle and Paddle is proud to announce the 2020 Wellness Incentive Program to local businesses.

    Basic benefits such as health coverage and paid time off are traditional methods of wellness and ultimate employee happiness. However, in today’s stressful business world employers need to seek alternative benefits that will energize the workforce!

    The ever-changing healthcare issue is challenging many businesses to develop internal wellness plans and challenges in hopes of compelling the workforce to be healthier. These are typically done while at work, therefore distracting the employee from what they are there to do. Off-site wellness programs have now taken over as the preferred method to provide a more rounded work-life balance for their employees.

    Properly designed wellness programs don’t just offer health benefits, they are great tools for employee retention and recruitment. This program should be offered as part of an employment package as they are tangible benefits for an employee and their family.

    Northward will be offering tiered wellness programs catered to the size and goals of the business. These incentives include discounted kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and snowshoe rentals. In addition to offerings for special events! In fact, the top tier includes a wellness picnic and giveaways.

    As with any business decision, the cost will always be high on the decision-making process. The incentives were designed for any size budget with an average cost of 60 cents/employee per hour, or in other words, the equivalent of a 60-cent raise. In addition, all the usage is trackable for eligible tiers, therefore offering the employer a way to see the cost-benefit.

    For more information on these incentives and all that Northward Peddle & Paddle has to offer, contact us at the information provided below.

    GO NORTHWARD! Patrick Gatterman 608-350-6441 www.gonorthward.com patrick@gonorthward.com