• Cellcom Introduces the Cat® S48c Rugged Smartphone

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    May 10, 2019

    Cellcom recently rolled out a new rugged phone offering for its customers, the Cat S48c. This is no ordinary smartphone. Cat® phones are a leader in durable mobile phones for challenging environments and the S48c is designed to offer superior performance and extreme rugged capabilities in the most demanding scenarios. 


    With durability at its core, the Cat S48c’s heavy-duty credentials include IP68 water and dust proof, MIL SPEC 810G and Non-incendive Class I, Division 2. This sounds a bit complex, but these credentials guarantee the S48c smartphone has been tested and can withstand drops, dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and environments where flammable gas or flammable vapor is present. It’s built to survive repeated drops onto concrete from up to 6 feet, can be submerged in up to four feet of water for 35 minutes, and its 13 MP camera can take underwater pictures (whether on a job site, in the great outdoors or on vacation). 


    The Cat S48c’s battery provides up to 30 hours of talk time, ideal for days with no access to charging capabilities. A dedicated, programmable key allows for easy push-to-talk capabilities or instant access to the camera, flashlight or a preferred app – things you need most when you’re working hard or playing hard. The 5” touchscreen can be used with gloves or wet hands. 


    Cat phones are built for individuals who work in demanding environments or take part in recreational activities where their mobile phone is routinely exposed to stressful conditions. This includes everything from construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, logistics and field services, to recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, biking, climbing or rafting. 


    This is in exciting offering for people who live, work and play in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. You can learn more about this device on Cellcom’s website.