• Continued Conversations with Google Assistant

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    March 13, 2019

    Having a conversation with voice assistants is an added convenience for smartphones and the very foundation of smart speakers. From setting an alarm or reminder, to getting the weather or searching the web, many actions can be spurred from a simple “Hey” followed by the name of your assistant. 

    While voice commands have come far since their debut, there’s still some unnatural language that’s needed to help the assistants perform their best. Google has a feature called continued conversations that let’s Google assistant listen longer after it answers your initial question while retaining the knowledge of what you were talking about in the first place. This prevents you from having to say “Ok Google” for a second command and lets you speak in a more natural way. 

    For example, if you were trying to get the weather forecast for the next few days you may say something like: “Hey Google, what’s the forecast for tomorrow?” Once Google answers, without continued conversations you would need to follow up with a full secondary command, like “Hey Google, what’s the forecast for Thursday?” With continued conversations turned on the secondary command becomes a more natural follow-up and can be something like “What about Thursday?” 

    To enable continued conversations, open up the Google Assistant app, go to Settings > Assistant tab > Continued Conversation and hit the toggle. This featured does allow your assistant to listen for around 8 additional seconds to hear your secondary questions. If you know you’re done with the conversation, you can use an ending conversation command – Thank you, Thanks Google, or I’m done – to turn off the microphone. 

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