• Heart of Wisconsin announces Chamber Charity Drive to Support local Non-Profits

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    October 08, 2020

    The Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Chamber Charity Drive to help support local non-profit organizations that continue to support our local community. 

    During the COVID-19 pandemic many non-profit organizations continued to provide support and services. Unfortunately, several of these organizations are not eligible for available relief funds or grants. 

    “Many of the participating organizations have had to cancel vital fundraising events or have experienced a decrease in funding,” stated Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce President Angel Whitehead. “These organizations are crucial to our community and we want to support them anyway we can.” 

    The Chamber Charity Drive is a Tip Jar model in which businesses and community members can donate to a charity. Weekly in November and December through the 28th the Chamber will feature a non-profit to receive the donations. 

    The idea of the Tip Jar was first started here locally by Zach Coleman, owner of Richard's Liquors. Coleman is helping lead the effort with the Chamber. 

    “We started the #tipjarproject at the store because we care about other local businesses and want them to stay around and thrive. The response from the community and the reaction of the business owners and employees to this day gives me goosebumps to think about,” stated Coleman. “We are all in this life together and we hope that local businesses and really the entire community takes ownership of these causes during the Chamber Charity Drive. The beauty of the Tip Jar is that anyone can give, and every little bit helps!” 

    How does the Charity Drive work?  

    The community can visit a participating location and drop off donations. The Chamber will kick off the week on Tip Jar Tuesday. Donations for the featured non-profit organization will be accepted through the workday of the following Monday. 

    Businesses can request to be a Tip Jar location, for people to drop off donations. Businesses can fill out the registration form to be featured on social media. At the end of the week, businesses will drop off the funds to the Heart of Wisconsin office where they will collect all donations. Funds will then be given to the non-profit. 

    Businesses can also take ownership in the drive and be a Charity Sponsor. A Charity Sponsor donates $20 per week to the featured non-profit. Logos will be featured on social media and the event page. To be a Charity Sponsor business please register at 

    All donations must be cash or check, written to the featured non-profit. Payment must be received within 48 hours of commitment to the Chamber. 

    The list of charities receiving donations will be released on November 1st. 

    Participating Drop-Off Locations include: 

    • - Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

    • Richard’s Liquors  

    Contact Angel Whitehead at 715-422-4861 or president@wisconsinrapidschamber.com. 


    Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic investor organization comprised of non-profit, educational, government, and small to large businesses. The mission of the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen the economy and enhance quality of place. By following our mission, our vision is to be the first choice of investors by providing resources, opportunities, and advocacy. 

    Angel Whitehead, President
    president@wisconsinrapidschamber.com, (715) 422-4861