• Opportunity for small retailers - Facebook Marketing for Retailers Courses

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    October 30, 2020


    As part of a CARES Act grant, the UW-Madison Extension is launching a series of courses on marketing via Facebook for retailers, with courses beginning on November 8, 15 and 22nd (flyer attached).  


    There will be 24 slots in each of the classes.  The attached flyer has details and includes both a link and QR code for registration.  FAQs are below.


    If demand is high enough, they can launch a second set of classes.  Also, expect to see a series for restaurants and other categories soon.




    What Are These? Quick and easy online courses that are designed to give retailers the skills and information they need to use Facebook to support in-store and online sales.


    Who Should Register? For this first wave, we are targeting retailers in Wisconsin with the hopes that they can boost sales this holiday season and recover revenue lost during the pandemic. Participants can be beginners or those with Facebook experience who are looking to hone their skills.


    How Much Time do These Courses Take? Each course takes 3-5 hours and is designed to be a "learn at your own pace" experience. Content is posted on Sunday nights, and a live question-and-answer office hour is held on Thursday of each week. Office hours are recorded and available to all participants but will be especially useful for those who can't make the live event.  

    Retailers can take all three of the courses or only the one or two they need.


    How Should I Promote These Courses? Because registration is limited, we are asking that you select retailers from among your contacts and email in small groups rather than sending out an email blast to all businesses. Registration will be first-come-first-serve, but we will maintain an overflow list to see if demand is high enough to launch a second round of courses.


    Will Other Courses Be Offered for Other Types of Businesses? If this group of courses is well-received, then we will offer a second run for restaurants and other categories.


    It's Free? Really? What's the catch?  No catch, this actually is free for Wisconsin retailers. The cost for the course is covered by a CARES Act grant awarded to the EDA University Center that is intended to help in economic recovery.  Our only ask is that participants only sign up for the courses they intend to complete.


    I heard that there is a train the trainer version? Yes! If you are interested in supporting the businesses you refer to, then please let me know.  There are a number of observer spots for those that support retailers, such as economic development outreach professionals or Chamber of Commerce staff members.  These trainers/supporters will observe the classes and then have the opportunity to meet as a group with the course instructor, Don Stanley, to talk about the material and how Facebook can be used strategically to support whole economic development communities.