• Smartphone settings to help you focus

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    January 18, 2019
    If your goal, resolution or word of 2019 is focus, here are some tips to set up your smartphone to curb unwanted distractions.
    • Manage your notifications – every app wants to send you a notification and it takes time and attention to check and clear those constant alerts. Dedicate some time this New Year to determining if you need every alert that comes to your phone. You can adjust notification settings in iOS and Android by visiting the Settings menu and tapping Notifications.
    • Use do not disturb– whether you’re working on a deadline or want to eliminate distractions near bedtime, the do not disturb feature can stop any notifications from making noise and lighting up your screen. Both iOS and Android allow you to set exceptions to that rule (like to allow phone calls from specific contacts) and let you schedule time frames to automatically enable do not disturb. 
    • Check your usage – sometimes you’re not fully aware of just how much your smartphone may get you off track or what apps suck your time. Apple added Screen Time to iOS in 2018 to let you easily check your usage. Not only can you see how many times you pick up your device, which may surprise you, but also exactly how much you use specific apps. It even breaks it down into categories of social networking, entertainment and productivity. Android does not natively have this feature just yet, but there are a host of apps that can be used. 
    • Set limits – once you’ve found the apps that may consume more of time than you like, you can consider setting limits.Screen Time will let you set limits or specific downtime where certain apps aren’t available.  
    Smartphones are an incredible tool, but focusing during work or personal time with family and friends is important. Evaluating your settings and notifications can help you stick to your priorities. 
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