• Small Biz Credit Survey

  • Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is participating as an intermediary in the Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey.  The survey will open around Labor Day and close in late November. This survey helps set monetary policy and if we get 50 responses a locally customized report will be printed. Currently, Wisconsin is not a participating state and the Chicago Fed plans to add the state during 2017.  To do so, we need to sign up 200 reporters who complete the survey.  If we can achieve that goal, then the Heart of Wisconsin service area will be included in the breakout section of the survey’s appendix and the data will be much more robust and useful for those interested in increasing the flow of credit to small businesses located in the Badger state. 

    The live survey will be posted in September. Stay tuned for more information.

    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

    Small Business Credit Survey