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    First things first, right?! So, how do you pronounce HEIKE?
    Just like this: 'Hi-Kuh'.

    Heike grew up with a camera in her hand (or in her face!). Her Father – a wonderful and passionate photographer as well – was the first one to introduce her to this Art. He showed her some of the tricks and skills of traditional photography. Over the years, Heike has added to that knowledge through constant continuing education in various aspects of the photography business. In 2018, this allowed her to earn her national certification as a professional photographer (CPP) through the PPA, the organization for about 32,000 professional photographers in America. Currently less than 3000 photographers hold the CPP degree; she's the only one in the WI Rapids, Nekoosa, Port Edwards area. This certification shows that other successful professional photographers approve of the consistent quality of Heike's work and that her work is up to standards used in professional photography worldwide.

    There's more! But there isn't enough space here to tell you all of it. So, head over to my website's WHO's HEIKE? section and read on. Or just call me and we can chat in person.


    Yes - we travel to your location!
    ART created during his senior session
    Simon - MY Senior 2020
    Class of 2023 - Different is an understatement
    Yes, the same Madelyn as before.
    Gallery Image web_SL_164a.jpg
    Gallery Image web_IMG_0112.jpg
    Gallery Image web_P1114_-_LB_603_copy.jpg
    Gallery Image web_ML_04crop_copy.jpg
    Collages - what a nice way to showcase more on your wall.
    Favorite photos all on one print
    Staci Kivi - Your Chamber Leader
    Real Estate Agent
    Sue's Business Portrait
    Accurate Auto Crew
    Business Portrait the fun way!
    Group Composites - the best way to keep your staff portraits current
    Product Photography to match your brand
    Even the Amish need Photographers!
    This is us! Now, do as I say AND do! Get a Family Portrait!
    Oh, look! There's more of us!
    Families - on location, all at once
    Families - in the studio, one at a time (Composites are not for sport teams only!)
    This is what your wall display could look like!
    Incorporate your own wall art into your Family Portrait Display.
    Team & Individual Photography isn't what it used to be! Now, that's a good thing I'd say.
    Yup, they still do buttons - show off your kid!!!
    My favorite: Memory Mates = Team & Individual on one print.
    The non-sports Teams are often forgotten when it comes to photos and they put at least as much effort into their performances!
    The actors deserve to be portrayed in light, posing, and design to match their plays!
    Start'em early!
    No group is too big!
    Personality x 10.
    ooohhh, a tiny Superman!
    Sweet as sugar.
    Yes, his name is Hunter.
    Don't wanna miss a moment.
    Traditional, sweet, and calm.
    Soft as a Baby's butt.
    Gallery Image web_TD_12a_copy.jpg
    True Senior Photos!
    Love the sparkle and joy in her eyes.
    I guess he's got reason for jumping for joy!
    Symmetry is a wonderful thing. You don't get tired of looking at her.
    'to have and to hold'...
    Using light, posing, and location to your advantage. Always. That's why you hire a professional photographer, preferably one that's even nationally certified as such!
    a Groom in the right light
    Details matter. They are the background. the first impression, the basis.
    Not all portraits need to show your whole face, but they should tell a story.
    Seek and Find
    Gallery Image web_IMG_2700_copy.jpg
    Your wedding day - the begin of the most emotional times in your life.
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