• 2021 Leadership Retreat

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    November 12, 2021
    Badger State Fruit has had several employees go through the community leadership program with great reception. With a new baby at home, I wasn't so sure about an overnight retreat. I planned to head home in the evening after our session was finished, and return in the morning. However, we had such a fun day of interaction and bonding, I ended up staying the night!
    The retreat started off with participants getting to know each other with introductions and an ice breaker. We have a very diverse group with various backgrounds and careers. It was interesting to see how many in the group were born and raised right here in Central Wisconsin. We not only learned about each other's personal timelines in the area but the timeline of the area itself. The history of Wisconsin Rapids dates back to a time when American Indians called the area "Ahdawagam".
    We spent the second half of the day learning about our strengths as individuals and as a group. My number one strength is Responsibility. Responsibility is taking ownership of what you say and do. Each strength has a "shadow" or a "downside". While we shouldn't focus on them, we should be aware of them. For example, the downside of Responsibility is that you may take on too much. Gaining an understanding of whom we allow us to capitalize on our capabilities.

    Our conversations during the day sprouted "off-work" conversations around throughout the members of the group were itching to sing some karaoke and were fortunate enough to find a nearby establishment with karaoke machine! We laughed, sang, danced and before I knew it - I wanted to stay the night! I'm so happy that I did. 

    The following day we played the "Future’s game". This allowed us to see the positive and negative consequences our decisions have. We ended the retreat by brainstorming ideas for our leadership group projects. I'm excited to see what we are able to accomplish this year! I looked forward to growing professionally and personally, all while helping the community. 
    Krista Coon, Director of Member Services & Programs
    programs@wisconsinrapidschamber.com, (715) 422-4860