• The Return of Hoozels Rise to Music 2023

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    November 01, 2022


    Vocals, vibes, and votes! The summer of 2022 brought a wave of musicians to Rome, Wisconsin! All with big dreams to RISE-up in the music industry. Hoozels Rise to Music Competition kicked off on June 9th, 2022. Hosted by Hoozels at The Lakes and 105.5 FM WIRI.

    Hoozels Rise to Music Competition provided a platform for musicians to rise-up, gain exposure in the music industry, and showcase their music. Each Thursday in June and July, musicians competed for the title of Rise to Music Champion and a grand prize of $1,000 cash. Music fans gathered at Hoozels at the Lakes to listen and judge the competition. Musicians played a variety of music from country to rock, acoustic even reggae. When asked about the competition contestant Isiah recalled “The Hoozels Rise to Music Competition is a great place for any aspiring musician to put themselves out there in front of a warm and welcoming crowd. As an artist, it’s incredible to feel so much support for original music. By far my favorite place I played in 2022.” 

    Each night, the audience voted for their favorite performer using the app voxvote. The musician with the most votes at the end of the night advanced to the grand finale. Kylar Kuzio, Erynn Seipel, Heartstrings, Mark Kamps, Isiah, Chase, and Dixie McMahon won their competition night and advanced to the grand finale. A fan favorite vote took place online, where Chris Lee was voted back in and advanced to the finale as well. When asked about his time in the competition Chris stated, “After over 20 years of playing, the fire was fading. Being in the Hoozels Rise to Music contest, meeting all the amazing musicians, and especially being voted Fan Favorite, completely recharged by passion for performing. I feel in love with playing again.” On July 28th, 2022 Dixie McMahon won title of Rise to Music Champion and a grand prize of $1,000 cash. Second place was Erynn Seipel followed by Kylar Kuzio. 

    The 2022 Hoozels Rise to Music Competition was supported and sponsored by the following organizations, Friends of Rapids Music, Rome Outdoors, Wisconsin Rapids Community Media, 97.5 FM/1320 AM WFHR, 105.5 FM WIRI and Hoozels at the Lakes.

    105.5 FM WIRI and Hoozels at the Lakes have teamed up again to bring back Hoozels Rise to Music Competition for its second year. The competition will kick off on Thursday, June 8th, 2023. Till then the 2022 Rise to Music Alumni will be back at Hoozels at the Lakes this winter! Follow the Hoozels Rise to Music or Hoozels at the Lakes on Facebook for performance nights. Musicians be sure to periodically check the Hoozels Rise to Music website for 2023 competition updates. Registration will open in February. For those thinking about participating in the competition in 2023 remember, “have fun and treat it like a normal gig. Take the time to talk to all the other musicians and make connections, that’s worth more than winning,” Jackson Taylor, Rise to Music 2021 Alumni. 

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