• Education

  •  Recognizing that today's students are tomorrow's workforce and citizens of tomorrow, the Heart of Wisconsin area offers an excellent choice of public or private educational opportunities.


    Nekoosa School District
    The Nekoosa School District is a Pre-K – 12 public school system, which serves students in the city of Nekoosa and townships of Armenia, Port Edwards, Rome, and Saratoga. Our district serves 1,350+ students within its four buildings.


    Pittsville School District  
    The Pittsville School District is a small, rural school district located in the geographical center of the state of Wisconsin, at the intersecions of state highways 80 and 73/13. It is on relatively flat terrain in what used to be glacial Lake Wisconsin (a remnant of the ancient melting glaciers). Approximately 860 people live in Pittsville itself while the District's area covers over 364 square miles and supports a student population, EC/K-12 grades, of about 650. The land surround Pittsville is mixed agriculture land used to raise livestock and crops as well as forest products. The primary industries around Pittsville include crop production, dairying, cranberry production and processing, forestry, trucking, modular home building, the paper industry and the businesses that support it.


    Port Edwards School District  
    The members of the Port Edwards Public School Community believe that we offer a unique and competitive educational opportunity. Nestled along the Wisconsin River our village and surrounding townships offer a family friendly atmosphere. We serve our youth and residents through a beautiful park system, intercity bike trails, and a community YMCA. This small suburban school district has a dedicated staff and an open flexible attitude toward instructional innovation. These qualities are key and allow us to address the academic and social needs of every student in an academy-like atmosphere.


    School District of Auburndale   
    The School District of Auburndale Vision states, "A caring partnership of home, school, and community sets the path for all District children to reach their full potential in personal and academic excellence."


    Wisconsin Rapids Public School System 
    A unified school district with a school population of approximately 6,000, Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools has nine K-5 elementary schools,one middle school (grades 6-7), one junior high school (grades 8-9), one senior high school (grades 10-12) and one Charter School for At-Risk Students (grades 9-12). The school system has earned a solid reputation as a progressive, professional organization, which has high student achievement and a low drop out rate. Staff members continue to be recognized by state organizations and agencies for their professionalism and expertise. District graduates have demonstrated success at Big-Ten Universities, Ivy League schools, military academies and other public and private schools.


    Wisconsin Rapids Private Schools

    The Heart of Wisconsin area offers a variety of private elementary and high school options which are:

    ● Assumption Catholic Schools - Middle School grades 7-8 / High School grades 9-12

    ● Good Shepherd Lutheran - Grades 2-6

    ● Immanuel Lutheran School - Grades PK-8

    ● Our Lady Queen of Heaven - Elementary School grades 1-3

    ● St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran School - Grades PK-8

    ● St Vincent De Paul School - Grades PK-6

    Connect with Students

    Inspire Central Wisconsin 

    Build the workforce, you need to connect with your future talent. Inspire Central Wisconsin helps employers and industry groups build talent supply chains and seamless connections with educators and students throughout the state via digital media.


    Tell your future workforce about your industry and business through a company profile, career message boards, and targeted communication capabilities.


    Offer and provide in-person and online learning activities like guest speakers, job shadows, mock interviews, youth apprenticeships and more! More details HERE!

    Campus and Online Learning Opportunities in Wisconsin

    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Online learning at the University of Wisconsin, Steven’s Point is available at the undergraduate and graduate level, allowing students more flexibility in their learning.

    Online Learning at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - The University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire offers multiple graduate-level programs in an entirely online format, as well as over 300 non-credit online courses.

    Distance Learning at Marquette University - Students attending Marquette University may wish to open up their day-to-day schedule by utilizing online learning, granting them access to the same quality education without strict meeting times.

    Viterbo University Online - Numerous programs, ranging from the associate level to the graduate level, are available through Viterbo University in a distance learning format, allowing students to complete all required courses without commuting to the Viterbo campus.

    Best Colleges & Universities in Wisconsin: 2017 - Finding the right college is simplified with this ranked list of the best 4-year colleges in Wisconsin for 2017.

    Guide to Online Schools in Wisconsin - At this page, Wisconsin’s top online colleges are put into a ranked list that provides students with information regarding each school’s cost, graduation rate, and available student services.

    Find Accredited Online Colleges in Wisconsin - In addition to detailing available colleges offering online education opportunities, this page also breaks down potential online supplemental learning programs offered for students learning at the K-12 level.

    The Cost of Online College - This page helps students to better understand the cost of attending college in a distance learning format by comparing cost of housing, food, credit hours, and required labs.


    Vocational Degrees, Workforce Training & Adult Education

    Mid-State Technical College - Mid-State Technical College offers affordable learning geared towards in-demand fields. Each program places a strong emphasis on applied, hands-on learning experiences to help develop students’ skills.

    Wisconsin Workforce Development - The State of Wisconsin Division of Workforce Development’s website offers information on everything from job opportunities for adult learners to vocational rehabilitation assistance.

    Continuing Studies with the University of Wisconsin, Madison - Whether a student aspires to achieve higher job placement, or simply is looking for a new form of personal enrichment, the Madison location of The University of Wisconsin provides a number of adult learning opportunities that will help them meet their goals.

    Wisconsin Technical College System - Many students living in the state of Wisconsin attribute their professional success to the education facilitated by the Wisconsin Technical College System. WTCS is comprised of 49 campuses and several more outreach facilities throughout Wisconsin.

    Guide to Vocational Schools - Students interested in technical learning may utilize the tools available at this link to narrow their search. In addition to sorting programs by territory and subject, students may also look into a school’s specs in terms of cost and success rate.

    Online Community Colleges - Several colleges throughout the United States offer their programs in a distance learning format, allowing learners from all over the country to access their coursework. This link provides important information regarding learning how to weed out less favorable schools for ones that will best fit a student’s goals.

    Workforce Development Guidebook - This page provides information on the importance of workforce development programs, and how to find academic opportunities that may benefit students from differing educational backgrounds.


    Financing College

    Unigo Scholarships-Wisconsin - Wisconsin students can simplify handling their college expenses by making use of one or more of the scholarships found at this link.

    Financial Aid for the University of Wisconsin, Online - This page details the necessary steps to receiving financial aid coverage for an online program with University of Wisconsin. Information regarding consortium agreements and vocational rehabilitation programs is provided, as well.

    Central Wisconsin Scholarship Search - Students studying in the central Wisconsin territory may use the information at this link to learn the best approach to receiving financial aid coverage.

    University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point Scholarships - A wide variety of scholarships are available to students studying at the University of Wisconsin’s Stevens Point location. Students may use this link to find opportunities that fit their academic and financial needs.

    FAFSA - At this site, students are able to complete and submit their free application for federal student aid, one of the first steps in receiving financial coverage for an academic program.

    State of Wisconsin Financial Aid Programs - This page details all the steps students must meet to receive financial aid coverage as a Wisconsin student.

    Funding Graduate School for Women - Returning to school at the graduate level can be an expensive goal, but by utilizing the information at this link, female students are able to take advantage of several scholarship opportunities.

    Financial Aid for Online Colleges - While online learning varies in many ways from the traditional in-class setting, students learning from a distance may benefit from many of the same financial aid opportunities. This page details several schools which offer financial aid coverage to their online learners, as well as information on how to apply.

    Colleges with Laptop Programs - The schools listed at this link offer the added benefit of providing their students with a number of different tech tools, including tablets, laptops, and software.