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Thinking about starting a business? The Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce can help connect you with the resources and networks you need to take your business idea to the next level.

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North Central Wisconsin Entrepreneur Portal (NCWRPC)

North Central Wisconsin's economic vitality hinges on the success of entrepreneurs in launching and managing businesses effectively, coupled with our capacity to nurture existing enterprises and attract new ventures. To bolster this endeavor, the North Central Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Portal serves as a comprehensive resource hub, empowering entrepreneurs and business owners with valuable information to foster growth and prosperity.

The portal facilitates access to a myriad of resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, including:

  1. Funding Opportunities: Identifying available financial support mechanisms crucial for business growth and sustainability.
  2. Training, Tools, Workshops & Events: Offering a plethora of educational resources, tools, workshops, and networking events aimed at enhancing business development skills and fostering innovation.
  3. Support Organizations: Connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners with a network of organizations dedicated to providing guidance, mentorship, and support services throughout the region.
  4. Workspace Solutions: Showcasing available spaces such as co-working facilities and business incubators, providing conducive environments for collaboration, creativity, and growth.

By centralizing these resources, the Entrepreneurship Portal endeavors to empower entrepreneurs and catalyze economic development across North Central Wisconsin, driving innovation, job creation, and prosperity throughout the region.

Central Wisconsin SCORE is a valuable resource for small business owners, offering free and confidential business advice and counseling customized to address the unique needs and goals of individual entrepreneurs. In addition to personalized guidance, SCORE also hosts workshops tailored for both startup ventures and established businesses, available for a nominal fee.

The volunteer mentors at Central Wisconsin SCORE are seasoned professionals with extensive experience across various industries. They generously contribute their expertise and thousands of hours to support small businesses in achieving success. These mentors specialize in key areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, and business plan development, providing invaluable insights and guidance to entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Central Wisconsin SCORE has a proven track record of assisting clients in securing business loans, underscoring their commitment to helping businesses thrive and grow. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur seeking guidance on launching your venture or an established business owner looking to overcome challenges and achieve new milestones, Central Wisconsin SCORE stands ready to provide the support and resources needed for success.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is an excellent resource for those interested in starting a business in Wisconsin. Among the many services available is the Business Development Assistance Center, which provides management assistance to small businesses, particularly first-time entrepreneurs. The office furnishes information on government regulations and financing alternatives and refers businesses to appropriate resources. Business formation information, helpful guides, and financing information are also available.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW-Stevens Point is a vital resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Wisconsin, offering a comprehensive range of services to support their growth and success. Through conferences, workshops, and seminars, the SBDC provides valuable opportunities for learning and networking, covering a diverse array of topics relevant to small business management and growth.

In addition to group sessions, the SBDC offers personalized one-on-one counseling, allowing business owners to receive tailored guidance and support from experienced advisors. These advisors work closely with clients to address specific challenges, develop strategies for growth, and capitalize on opportunities.

Furthermore, the SBDC provides customized training programs designed to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. These programs are tailored to address specific areas of concern or areas for improvement, empowering entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Overall, the Small Business Development Center at UW-Stevens Point plays a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship and economic development in Wisconsin by providing accessible and practical support to both existing and new small businesses.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) serves as a cornerstone of support for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners across the nation. Through a wealth of resources and programs, the SBA offers invaluable assistance in various aspects of business planning and preparation, including:

1. Business Plan Development: Providing guidance and templates for creating comprehensive business plans, essential for outlining strategies, goals, and operational frameworks.

2. Marketing Assistance: Offering insights and strategies to help businesses effectively promote their products or services, reach target audiences, and establish a strong brand presence.

3. Financial Management: Equipping entrepreneurs with tools and resources to effectively manage finances, including budgeting, cash flow management, and accessing capital through loans or grants.

4. Training and Education: Conducting workshops, seminars, and online courses covering a wide range of topics relevant to small business management, from startup fundamentals to advanced strategies for growth and expansion.

5. Counseling and Mentorship: Connecting entrepreneurs with experienced counselors and mentors who provide personalized guidance, advice, and support throughout the business development process.

By leveraging the resources and expertise of the U.S. Small Business Administration, individuals interested in starting or expanding a small business gain access to the tools, knowledge, and support needed to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of entrepreneurship successfully.

Women's Business Initiative Corporation

At WWBIC, we start with your dream. A dream of owning a business… or growing a business… or creating jobs for yourself and others. To that we add our expertise in business planning, financing, and accessing resources that will assist you in making that dream a reality. As a statewide organization, WWBIC works with both women and men by offering relevant business classes, business loans up to $250,000, assistance with your personal financial management, and connections to people who can make things happen.

We invite you to explore the resources we have here, or call us at 414-263-5450 to talk with a real person.

Tips for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

People with disabilities encounter unique hurdles in life; however, they possess ample opportunities to embark on entrepreneurial journeys and thrive. Renowned figures like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein have demonstrated this reality. Entrepreneurship holds a significant appeal for individuals with disabilities as it offers a route to financial autonomy and self-reliance. Unlike conventional employment, which may present accessibility and discrimination challenges, entrepreneurship empowers disabled individuals to pursue their interests, generate employment, and leave a lasting impact on the business landscape. 


The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) enhances the success of Wisconsin's small to midsize manufacturers by providing expert and accessible services in the areas of growth and innovation, continuous improvement, training, export assistance, supply chain management and profitable sustainability.

Global Business Opportunities Grow in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) plays a pivotal role in supporting businesses in tapping into new international markets. Through their International Market Access Grant and Collaborative Market Access Grant Programs, WEDC empowers companies to develop and expand their export strategies with ease.

These programs provide valuable assistance to businesses looking to enter new international markets or strengthen their presence in existing ones. With straightforward application and reimbursement processes, companies can swiftly implement their export plans without unnecessary administrative burden, allowing them to focus their energy and resources on executing their strategies effectively.

By offering accessible and practical support, WEDC helps Wisconsin businesses unlock the immense potential of global markets, driving growth, innovation, and economic prosperity throughout the state. It's reassuring to know that organizations like WEDC are dedicated to providing the resources and assistance needed to help businesses thrive in the international arena.

The Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), stands as a cornerstone of support for Wisconsin businesses seeking to secure federal, state, and local government contracts. Established in 1987 as a non-profit organization, WPI has remained dedicated to its mission of fostering the growth and success of businesses across all 72 counties of Wisconsin.

Originally born from the vision of Congressman Les Aspin to assist Wisconsin businesses, particularly in winning defense contracts, WPI has evolved into a comprehensive resource hub for government procurement opportunities. By providing technical expertise, professional guidance, and invaluable mentorship, WPI empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of government contracting successfully.

One of WPI's notable strengths lies in its ability to engage Wisconsin's most successful government contractors to mentor and educate emerging small business suppliers. This collaborative approach not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also fosters a supportive ecosystem where businesses can thrive and grow.

Furthermore, WPI actively engages with Wisconsin's Congressional delegation and staff, advocating for the interests of the state's business community and promoting policies that facilitate government contracting opportunities.

With a robust suite of services and a track record of serving over 1,200 businesses and organizations annually, WPI continues to play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and fostering prosperity throughout Wisconsin.

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