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Talent Attraction

Community Connection Program

You sell your company, we'll sell the community.

The Community Connection Program offered by the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is designed to support job candidates and new hires, as well as their families, in transitioning smoothly to their new community. Whether you're welcoming a general employee, manager, or executive, our program aims to reduce turnover and foster a sense of belonging, making the Heart of Wisconsin area feel like their permanent home.

Through our Community Connection Program, our dedicated concierge serves as the first point of contact for job candidates and new hires as they embark on their journey to the local area. Our concierge is well-informed, experienced, and committed to assisting your new hires. They take the time to understand the unique needs and preferences of each family member and then work diligently to research, communicate, and facilitate connections in various areas such as:

Housing: Assisting in finding suitable housing options that meet the needs and preferences of the new hires and their families.

Schools: Providing information about local schools and educational resources to ensure a smooth transition for families with school-aged children.

Healthcare: Offering guidance on healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical facilities to ensure access to quality healthcare services.

Recreation and Leisure: Recommending recreational activities, parks, and cultural attractions to help new residents explore and enjoy the amenities of the community.

Community Services: Connecting new hires with essential services such as utilities, transportation, and government agencies to facilitate their integration into the community.

By offering personalized assistance and support, our Community Connection Program aims to enhance the relocation experience for job candidates and new hires, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging them to establish roots in the Heart of Wisconsin area. We are dedicated to helping your new hires and their families feel welcomed, supported, and excited about their new home.

We'll ask each family member what's important, research, communicate, and connect them in areas such as:

Schools Childcare Places of Worship
Housing Diversity Shopping
Pet Care Restaurants Community
Hobbies Recreation Anything Else


Individual Attention to Your Job Candidates

Our concierge asks personal questions about the most important areas of your candidate’s life (marital status, children, hobbies, etc.) to understand the needs of all moving to the area. They then provide a customized tour and access/links to area resources.

Personal Acclimation for Your New Hires

If your new hire and his/her family feel connected to the community, it will increase the likelihood that they will stay in the area. Our concierge will learn more about your new hire and his/her family and connect them to our community in the early stages of their relocation. From arranging a tour of a school to connecting with a youth hockey team, they act as the link between newcomers and their needs and interests.

Accompanying Spouse/Partner Focus

An accompanying spouse/partner securing employment is another vital factor in a family choosing to stay in the area. We can blast a spouse/partner’s resume to all our Chamber Members and beyond. This is a win-win for all, as we know area employers are looking for quality candidates.

Menu of Services

(Services available to both job candidates and new hires.)

Contact Staci Kivi, President/CEO to learn more.

Centergy "Central to Success"


Centergy plays a pivotal role in driving talent attraction to the Central Wisconsin area through its multifaceted approach to economic development and collaboration with various stakeholders. By working closely with businesses, partners, investors, and local and state organizations, Centergy creates an environment that not only attracts but also retains talent in the region. Through initiatives like, Centergy showcases the region's exceptional quality of life, employment opportunities, educational offerings, and vibrant business landscape. This dynamic website serves as a central hub of information, continuously expanding to include resources for entrepreneurs and culture-specific amenities, fostering a sense of unity and shared regional identity. Through collaborative efforts like the "Central to Success" campaign and participation in events like Military Transition with Mission Wisconsin, Centergy has identified four pillars of focus: Talent Growth, Regional Advocacy, Business Development, and Partner Engagement. Centergy, Inc. is a 501(c)4 nonprofit regional marketing and economic development organization serving Adams, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, and Wood Counties.

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